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World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm Coming to Newark, NJ

newarkverticalfarmMany people may believe that New Jersey’s nickname, “the Garden State,” is nothing but a joke. Though the exact provenance of the nickname is unknown, New Jersey largely deserves it: The state boasts more than 700,000 acres of farmland, and is a big producer of cranberries, blueberries and of course, tomatoes.

Despite that, many neighborhoods in the states largest city, Newark, don’t get to share in that bounty. But now they may not have to.

The city just announced a $30 million adaptive reuse project that’s been approved for an old 69,000 square foot steel mill, turning into the world’s largest indoor vertical garden.

According to the Mother Nature Network:

“When up and running, the facility will is expected to produce up to 2 million pounds of super-fresh, pesticide-free baby leafy greens and herbs annually. As reported by NJ.com, the project will also produce locally sourced jobs from the high-unemployment neighborhood — about 78 of them by the end of this year. “

Sounds like it’ll be a great place for a GDL field trip…