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Solar1’s Educator Participated in Annual Harlem STEM EXPO

ArmoryJust a few weeks ago, Solar One Educator Zach Ippolito participated in the Annual Harlem STEM EXPO.  Solar One was one of twenty participating organizations, along with thirty exhibiting schools from district 5, who chipped in to get everyone excited about real-world applications in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).  Students, parents, and teachers alike, participated in a variety of different activities such as learning about student-made science projects and school led experiments. At the Solar One table, students and parents were introduced to the clean energy applications of solar power.  Visitors were excited to experiment with our solar powered race-cars and test out the energy efficiency of an incandescent light bulb as compared to CFL and LED bulbs.  Visitors to our table were also invited to join the Solar One community and to come down to the Solar One building for the Summer 2013 events series!