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Forever Sandy: New Steps Toward a Full Recovery

Though it’s been more than two years since Hurricane Sandy pummeled the East Coast, destroying homes, businesses and infrastructure, many communities are still struggling to recover fully.

Part of the slow comeback has to with money, of course. Even though more than $6 billion in FEMA emergency funds have been paid in Sandy claims, lots of homeowners have had their claims denied. Now it seems that those claims may partly have been denied based on false insurance reports. Those reports have now been ordered to be made available to homeowners who are currently suing for compensation from insurers. You can read more about that story in the Asbury Park Press here.

Also in Sandy news, the city is making an amendment to the Recovery Action Plan, and there will be public hearings in each borough so that comments from the public can be submitted. You can find a list of hearing dates, times and location here, as well as the proposed amendment copy.

And finally, if you live in one of the recovery zones, the Mayor’s Office of Housing Recovery Operations is hiring construction managers in Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn to build on the success of the Build It Back program. 20% of the jobs will be given to local residents, so apply now.