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Replanting at Stuyvesant Cove Park

new-plants-2Stuyvesant Cove Park has just completed a massive replanting to replace plants lost due to Hurricane Sandy. Sandy’s storm surge devastated Stuy Cove, by knocking over trees, washing away topsoil and mulch, and soaking the soil with salt water.

As spring came along this year, we waited anxiously to see how our plants would recover.  Though we had some happy surprises, we were sad to see many of our plants return much reduced in quality and quantity, and some fail to return at all. A grant from the City Gardens Club allowed us to replant some of the worst affected areas in the spring, which have grown in nicely and can be seen blooming in the pictures above and below.

Over the summer we battled with weeds that filled the empty space, nursed our plants back to health, and planned for new plantings. Lots of community and corporate volunteers spent many hours pulling weeds, spreading mulch and planting, planting, planting! All told, thousands of new plants, shrubs and trees have been added.

Thankfully we received generous support to purchase new plants for our annual fall planting and have been able to fill in the rest of the gaps and give Stuy Cove a new look!