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NYT Praises Solar One Schools’ Creative Education Methods

HSWhy use textbooks when you can use your school structure to learn about energy conservation? Many remarkable public and private schools in New York have transformed their campuses into living laboratories for environmental education!

Two of the referenced schools, which are now New York Times famous, have worked with Solar One to achieve their goal of educating their students using their very own school buildings. These two schools, The Bronx Design&Construction Academy and the High School for Energy and Technology, have been nominated for teaching prizes and praised for their accomplishments. The Bronx Design&Construction Academy has created exceptional projects in the past to initiate learning. The High School for Energy and Technology has been using their school buildings to educate their students in many skills, such as energy auditing.

Solar One’s K-12 education program has not only been very effective in working with schools to teach children but also with providing workshops enrichment workshops to further education our kids in many fields, such as renewable energy and sustainable design!