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LEED Leads in Manhattan

Contrary to the spectrum of fall color, the Big Apple is turning greener than ever.

New York welcomes its two newest Midtown additions to the LEED certified building family. Fisher Brothers, who manage 605 Third Avenue and Park Avenue Plaza, have been granted LEED certification for their two nearly 1 million sq foot office spaces. 605 Third Avenue was granted the LEED-EB: OM Gold, and its Park Avenue Plaza companion was awarded LEED-EB: OM Silver, both highly respectable ratings for such enormous structures. LEED certification has four tiers, the highest of which is Platinum. Silver and Gold are respectively the second and third level building certification.

The buildings recycle an average of 86% of their waste stream, which is in contrast to an average of 40% for typical buildings and other establishments. Water efficiency has been implemented, and the buildings combined save around 5 million gallons of water annually- enough for 50,000 Americans to use in a day. Cleaning is conducted with environmentally friendly products, and the buildings adhere to a Sustainable Purchasing Policy, a self implemented, LEED council enforced measure, which closely monitors and decreases the negative impacts of obtaining these building materials. Energy efficiency improvements were performed through ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audits, and are expected to save money and electricity.

Fisher Brothers is being commended for their dual effort and dual success. Harry Etra, the CodeGreen project manager noted “It is a great accomplishment to successfully take two 1,000,000 sq. ft. plus commercial office buildings through the LEED for Existing Buildings program simultaneously.”  Hopefully the success (and future returns) of the Fisher Brothers will be enough to entice more developers to invest in sustainable building techniques.