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Here Comes Solar

Here Comes Solar envisions a New York City where solar power is accessible, affordable, and incredibly common. Neighborhood by neighborhood we are working to make this vision a reality by helping affordable housing providers, multi-family buildings and community centers realize their solar projects.


Here Comes Solar empowers building owners and community groups to generate their own energy, save money and reduce their environmental impact. Large-scale solar adoption will create a more resilient, climate-friendly and people-centered energy system for our city.

In just a few short years, rooftop solar electric technology has taken off – the number of solar installations in NYC grew by 40% last year. This remarkable transition has been driven by a number of factors including high electricity prices; precipitous declines in the cost of solar equipment; the spread of innovative forms of solar financing; and the implementation of public policies and regulations to support solar, further driving down costs in the process. Through NY-SUN, New York State is investing $1 billion to support solar projects for residential, commercial and non-profit customers, with millions of dollars set aside to assist low- and moderate-income New Yorkers access solar power. Through Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), New York State is democratizing energy through newly adopted community shared solar standards, which allow renters and individuals without the ability to install solar on their own roof to participate in and benefit from community solar projects.

Large urban areas like New York City present unique challenges for solar, including a complicated permitting process, lack of access to rooftop space, and relatively high installation costs. Solar One is addressing these barriers to help communities scale up solar in New York City.

Here Comes Solar makes solar more accessible and affordable for New Yorkers. We work with local partners to organize and support community-based solar projects. Solar One launched Here Comes Solar in 2014 and to date the program has engaged thousands of people and resulted in more than 100 solar projects in hard-to-serve markets, with a combined capacity of nearly two megawatts. As of 2016, many of the markets that Here Comes Solar seeded are self-sustaining, and Solar One is undertaking a strategic shift in focus from the 1-4 family residential market to facilitating solar projects for limited equity cooperatives and affordable housing providers to expand access to the benefits of solar among low and moderate income communities, building a more equitable clean energy economy. Solar One is developing and utilizing innovative models for financing community and affordable solar. Our vision is to expand the market for clean energy while creating green jobs and educating the public about solar.

Here Comes Solar is also working to facilitate some of the city’s first solar + energy storage projects. These resiliency projects, to be installed on community facilities in Sandy-affected areas, will serve as community hubs during future power outages. To learn more, visit:  HereComesSolar.nyc

“To see yourself as part of a larger group that was thinking of doing solar… From the community building aspect, it was helpful to be in a room full of people who are all interested in solar.”
–Paul Tainsh, Solarize Brooklyn Homeowner

“One of the things that I knew about the Solarize Brooklyn initiative is that people who did know a lot more about this than I did had gone through the trouble of researching and vetting vendors who might be able to do the service….that has a lot of value… I wanted to rely on the expertise of others for something like this. Once we started getting into the project itself, that was absolutely the right decision… ”
–Chris Kreussling, Solarize Brooklyn Homeowner

We saw this as a long term solution and that it was very inexpensive for us to make the change right now. It’s a great system. If your building has the finances to do this, there is no reason not to.”
–Miles Green, Solarize Brooklyn Homeowner