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Get Ready for a Global Solar-Powered Energy Revolution

For absolute proof that solar power is the future, check out this graph from the Earth Policy Institute, which shows the trajectory of solar world-wide over the past 40 years.

As the price of panels has plummeted, the capacity of solar installations has grown exponentially. In fact, solar power use has increased 53 times since 2006.

How many other industries have grown 53 times larger in 9 years?

But what this really means is that this is just the beginning. By the time solar has phased out most other generating strategies, it will be so ubiquitous that people won’t even quite realize what’s happened. But the effects will be as transformative as the switch from kerosene lamps to the original power grid more than 100 years ago.

To read more and to see more charts about solar’s remarkable scaling and how it will impact the future, check out this article from Treehugger.