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CWE begins another season at Stuyvesant Cove Park

CWE-blogStuyvesant Cove Park is happy to once again be a host site for the Consortium for Worker Education (CWE). CWE is a workforce training non-profit agency with a number of programs for helping youth, new Americans, and dislocated workers. The volunteer program connects youth volunteers who are certified tradesmen seeking work experience to places that can give them on site job training (That’s us!) The on-the-job training helps to give them a leg up in their entry into the job market.

The program is four weeks long with four separate job sites, of which we are one. We will have each group here full time for a week, after which the groups rotate and we start again with new people. For many of these youth this is their first experience working in horticulture, and Park Manager Daisy Hoyt, along with Gardener Jordan and Park Maintenance worker Chris Fowler, is happy to introduce them to the field.

While showing them the ins and outs of watering, weeding and mulching, Daisy hopes to also teach them a little about ecology, botany, and some of the little things she thinks are so interesting about the plants in the park. Every year, these students help us get important work done, especially projects that are too big for our staff of three and our normal corp of volunteers can accomplish, such as laying down fibar mulch on the pathways and re-staining the wooden benches and railings.

So if you are passing through Stuy Cove in the next four weeks and you spot one of these young volunteers, say hi and thank them for their time and hard work.