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Solar One

UPDATED! Special Thanks to Our Recent Donors


Barbara & Geoffrey Berresford • Lydia R. Brown • Ashok Chaudhari • Gregory Cohen • David Rockefeller Fund • Robert Day • Donna DeConstanzo • Penny Perez DeNormandie • Molly Dilworth • Lorrie N. Dirske • Chris Downes • FJC Foundation • Jennifer Freeman • Brian Gallagher • Arlene Gilbert • Kristin Gilson • Carson Harkrader • Jeffrey Hodgkinson • Sarah Holloway • Anne & Richard Hoyt • Terry Hueneke & Michael Ross • Ellen Imbimbo • Erin Johnson • Achyut Joshi • Amy Kates • Eric Lee • Judith Levine & Charles Komanoff • Sarah Manley • Angela Manno • Andrew McNamara • Mertz Gilmore Foundation • Colin Murchie • Heather Nesle • Dan Nuxoll • Elizabeth Rafter • Shawn C. Reeves • Michael Riefman • Rockefeller Brothers Fund • Ellen Witzling Roff • Christina Rosenthal • Nadya Salcedo • Reena Shah • Curtis Shepard • Charles Ryan Spong • Stuyvesant Cove Park Association • Daniel Sullivan • Mark Thompson • Virginia F. Thors • Susan Van Dolsen • Kay Vota • Ward Family Foundation • Lynda Faye Wertheim • Mark Willis • Suzy Zambrano

We want to express our sincerest gratitude to our recent donors who gave since the hurricane. Each and every one of you are a part of our rebuilding process, which, while far from complete, has gotten off to a tremendous start. We are on our way to recovery.


You can still donate to our ongoing recovery efforts using our secure online payment system HERE.

Help Stuyvesant Cove Park and Solar One Rebuild

sandywindmapSandy destroyed park tools. It destroyed educational supplies and program equipment. Flower beds are gone and topsoil is now mud. Trees are down and debris from the surge is strewn around the park. Solar1 flooded two feet above the floor. It is the most destructive event to have ever come to the park.

But Stuyvesant Cove Park will be rebuilt so that it can continue to be a beautiful public space. And Solar One will recover to continue to be a beacon of education toward a new energy future. If you would like to help:

  • Donate money securely online to Solar One. All funds will be used to help rebuild our park and educational supplies. (Unfortunately, we cannot accept in-kind donations. We can’t put them anywhere.)
  • Volunteer this weekend in a community clean-up effort to join with your neighbors to help remove debris from Stuy Cove Park. We will be cleaning on Friday 11/2 and Saturday 11/3 from 10am – 4pm each day. Please RSVP to dina@solar1.org to confirm.




For more pictures and updates visit our Facebook page.


Solar1’s Innovative Insulation

SIP-installationBefore our beloved Solar 1 was modified with more desks and air conditioning, it was deemed a ‘Net- Zero’ building, which means that it provided, on average, all of its own energy. But as mentioned in an earlier post, creating energy is not the only way of being ‘Net Zero’. A building must also use energy wisely in order to lower its energy demand in the first place, and Solar 1 does just that! In this post and the next few, we’ll be discussing the technologies that Solar 1 utilizes in order to reduce its energy use and be a great role model for green-energy buildings yet to come.

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Sun Always Rises on Solar1

IMG_1690Did you know that–in one way or another–all of the energy that we use (except nuclear) ultimately comes from the sun? Solar, wind, carbon-based, and hydro all depend on the sun’s light, heat and energy. Therefore, we are always looking for the best ways to convert the sun’s rays into usable energy. One exciting way is to convert the sun’s rays directly into electricity—and that’s exactly what Solar 1 does.

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What’s So Special about that Tiny Building by the East River?

solar1-stuyvesant-coveYou may have attended an event at Solar One, or jogged by through the park. You may have even noticed the solar panels on the roof, but what makes that little building so special? Solar 1- the building- is a 600 square foot structure north of Stuyvesant Cove Park at 23rd street and was a ‘Net-Zero’ prototype project by architecture firm Kiss + Cathcart that was created for Earth Day way back in 2000.

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