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Solar One

Solar One Building Up and Running

Newsletter-228-imageFour months after Hurricane Sandy wrecked the Solar 1 building, we are excited to announce we are back in business!  Our floors and walls have been replaced along with the beginnings of a new stage.

The fresh floor tiles and paint make the building feel brand new and better than ever!  While there are still some minor repairs to be done, the education and park staff are very happy to be back in their home away from home, on the East River.

Thank you to everyone who helped resurrect the solar shack, especially Daisy, Chris, Gary, Josh and Marc.





Solar 1 Building Reconstruction Is Almost Done

As many of you know, when Superstorm Sandy hit the East Side of Manhattan on October 29, the Solar 1 building was not spared. Although our roof, walls and windows didn’t leak at all, the trapdoor in the plywood floor in the bathroom was pushed up when the bulkheads were breached, and the building filled up with about two feet of water. This was good news, for our computers and equipment, but bad news for our floors, the sheetrock on the lower parts of the walls and our baseboard electrical outlets.

Here’s what it looked like on Tuesday October 30, the day after Sandy:


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Solar Sandy Project Updates from This Weekend!


MAx_generatorAs of this morning, two 10kw solar generators have made their way from Consolidated Solar in PA to Sandy-affected neighborhoods in NYC: one is operating on Staten Island at Father Capodanno Blvd. and Slater Blvd., and one at Beach 91st St in Rockaway Beach. Three more are on the way and we’re starting to get offers from other solar pros around the country.

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Solar 1 Shines in the Dark; Solar Sandy Project; Some Press

S1_building1_DEThe fact that the little Solar One building was one of the only spots on the east side with power from Wednesday October 31 through Monday November 5 speaks loudly to the need that has been at the heart of Solar One’s mission from the first: that solar power is an important element in a new visionary strategy to deal with the challenges that Sandy has made all too clear are looming in the near, rather than distant, future. We welcome the conversation that needs to happen to get a much bigger share of our electricity from the sun!

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Progress Report: What We Did Last Week

solar_charging_ASDespite the damage at Solar One caused by Superstorm Sandy, we still managed to provide a vital service to our beleaguered community: solar power for cell phone and laptop charging! Even though our building was flooded, our power never quit, and we had our solar array up and running on Wednesday October 31- more than a week before many of our neighbors got their grid power back!

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Sandy Knocked Us Down. You Picked Us Up.

volunteers_webWhen Solar One sent out our call for volunteers to give us a hand after the hurricane, we thought we’d be lucky to get 20-30 per day. If fact, we had over 600 requests and over 200 volunteers come to help out between October 30 and November 3. In the very first days after Sandy struck, some of you came by foot- even all the way from Astoria, Queens. You came with friends, with kids, and some even came with cash to help us replace equipment and rebuild what we’d lost. High school and college students, neighbors from the blacked-out buildings all around us, people who regularly use and enjoy the park: you all came, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support. That so many showed so much feeling for our little organization and our little park makes all the work ahead so much easier!

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