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Congratulations to PS 126, First Place in the 2014 Energy Challenge

ps126Over a 4-month period from December to March, these five schools, as part of Solar One’s Green Design Lab program, combined saved 246,020 kilowatt-hours of electricity – enough to power 23 homes for one year*. As a result of their efforts, they avoided 374,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere**, the equivalent of burning 182,000 lbs of coal. As a prize for their success, each school will be awarded with $5,000.

PS 126 Academy of Technology in Manhattan came in first place with a whopping 33% reduction, and on Friday, May 9, Solar One presented them with their award.

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LES Ecology Center Recycling Events and More

Join the Lower East Side Ecology Center in their efforts to kick off Fall sustainably!

Projects include Electronic Waste Recycling Opportunities that will occur at a host of different locations:

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New Recycling Laws Are In Effect


newrecyclinglawRecycling is hard. Recycling is complicated. In fact, in NYC, recycling is so difficult that we have only a 15% recycling rate across the city- pretty weak.

But that is all about to change because we finally have a city-wide, enforceable recycling law allowing all rigid plastics, including yogurt containers, those plastic clamshells they have at every salad bar, the crazy plastic forms that everything from lightbulbs to scissors to lipsticks gets packaged in and pretty much any plastic that’s used as a container. You can read the whole article about it at the NYC.gov website HERE.

Come See Us at the New Museum’s IDEAS CITY Streetfest on Saturday May 4


Saturday May 4, 11 AM–6 PM

Artists, architects, poets, technologists, historians, community activists, entrepreneurs, and ecologists share their ideas of Untapped Capital and invite participants to actively shape their city. “MirrorMirror,” a new tenting design, will premiere at the StreetFest. This innovative, minimal-waste event takes place around the Bowery and in Sara D. Roosevelt Park, rain or shine!

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DIY Solar Powered USB Charger

Photo-Jul-13-15-53-23Today we built a simple do-it-yourself solar USB charger that fits in an Altoid tin.  This little guy will charge most mobile devices that charge via USB using 2 rechargeable AA batteries and flexible thin-film solar panels.  All the parts we used totaled less than $30 and can be as low as $10 if purchased in bulk, which includes:

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