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2014 State of the State Puts New York on a Clear Path to Energy Independence

2014NYSotSOn January 8 in Albany, Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his 2014 State of the State address. While the broadcast version of the address focused on tax relief, affordable housing and airport renovations, the print version of the address has a section with some very welcome and ambitious plans for energy independence for New York- not by focusing on hydraulic fracturing (more commonly known as fracking) but by increasing the amount of decentralized electricity generation. In other words, community solar, where neighbors band together to buy or lease systems together, lowering their initial costs and creating a neighborhood microgrid that can help restore power during blackouts and superstorms.

The relevant section on solar begins on page 70, and here’s a sample of what’s in store for community solar in NY in 2014:

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Mayor Bloomberg Presents A New Resiliency Plan To Better Equip NYC to the Changing Climate

Bloomberg-PicJust this week Mayor Bloomberg presented a long-term plan to better prepare NY for the devastating impacts of the rapidly changing climate. Approximately 8-months ago, Hurricane Sandy demolished many parts of NY leaving many New Yorkers wondering just how prepared Manhattan actually is to the natural disasters regularly hitting the area.

Mayor Bloomberg is proposing an extensive plan including the construction of stormwalls and barriers. This project, although very costly (estimating close to $20 billion), is essential and requires action to be taken immediately.


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