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Green Collar Jobs

We’re Number 5!


New York State has moved up the ranks into the top five states creating solar jobs in the US. Last year we were still in the top 10, but how much sweeter is the top 5?

The Solar Foundation has created this great interactive map that shows 2013 solar job growth by state for the whole company. And while New York is still lagging behind CA, AZ, NJ and MA, we’re coming up! And we beat Texas!

2014 State of the State Puts New York on a Clear Path to Energy Independence

2014NYSotSOn January 8 in Albany, Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his 2014 State of the State address. While the broadcast version of the address focused on tax relief, affordable housing and airport renovations, the print version of the address has a section with some very welcome and ambitious plans for energy independence for New York- not by focusing on hydraulic fracturing (more commonly known as fracking) but by increasing the amount of decentralized electricity generation. In other words, community solar, where neighbors band together to buy or lease systems together, lowering their initial costs and creating a neighborhood microgrid that can help restore power during blackouts and superstorms.

The relevant section on solar begins on page 70, and here’s a sample of what’s in store for community solar in NY in 2014:

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Chinese Delegation Tours S1 Workforce Training Center

photoOn Monday morning, a delegation of seven officials from China toured the Solar One Workforce Training Center and held a meeting afterwards to learn about how Solar One develops and manages its educational programs. The officials, from both government and NGO organizations in China, were extra excited to see the training center, where Solar One holds it’s workforce development classes.

The exchange was mediated by professional translators, who utilized a live-translation earpiece system, whereby each person wore an earpiece and could hear the translations on-the-fly.

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Meet Some Solar One Green Workforce Trainees: STRIVE International


STRIVE International is one of the city’s most respected workforce agencies, working since 1984 to “provide services to New Yorkers from all boroughs and of all ages, backgrounds, and needs. Services include employment, fatherhood and youth programs – all focused on the mission to help individuals acquire the skills and attitudes they need to overcome challenging circumstances, find sustained employment, and become valuable contributors to their families, employers and communities.”

Meet some STRIVE trainees and learn about their experience working with Solar One!

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Meet Some Solar One Green Workforce Trainees: ReNEW!

Now in its fourth year, Solar One’s Green Workforce Training Program has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of men and women who have completed trainings. We spent a day back in October at the Lab in Long Island City, meeting trainees from STRIVE International and Non-Traditional Employment for Women (NEW) and learning about their experiences in the Solar One program. These are stories from the ReNEW trainees (we’ll add the STRIVE ones next week). Unfortunately we didn’t get pictures, but their words say a lot:

ReNEW is a free 6-week pre-apprenticeship program that highlights green collar jobs and is designed to give women insight into sustainable careers and perspective on current and upcoming opportunities in New York City.

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