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Global Events

Puerto Rico Needs Support After Hurricane Fiona

It’s been a relatively quiet hurricane season in the Atlantic so far this year, but Mother Nature walloped Puerto Rico with a Category 1 hurricane that caused island-wide blackouts on Sunday. As in 2017, organizations are working to send solar equipment and technical expertise (and Solar One is participating in those efforts; see details below), there are things that individuals can do to help.

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How to Help the People of Ukraine

Ukraine Train StationSince the start of the Russian invasion on February 24th, news feeds have been dominated by reports and photos of the ever-expanding humanitarian crisis engulfing Ukraine. As men are being compelled to stay in the country and fight, women and children have been displaced by the millions, creating one of the most dire and extreme refugee crises in Europe since World War II. While it seems that Vladimir Putin and the Russian government expected a weak or even non-existent defense of a much smaller and poorer country, Ukrainians have made a robust defense of their homeland which shows no sign of bending to Russia’s will to conquer. As a result, Ukraine’s refugees will likely need support for some time to come.

If you have the means and feel moved to help, here are some ways to support Ukraine during these difficult times.

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