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Remarkable Group of High School Interns Create a Comprehensive Energy Report

InternsIt would be impressive for college interns to complete a full building energy audit. Yet not only did Solar One’s high school interns from Bayside do a full energy audit of their school, but they created a thirty-page report and were given the opportunity to present the findings to their school’s administration and to the New York Power Authority (NYPA).

As a part of the internship program, NYPA engineers worked with the high school students to teach them to analyze a variety of reports, such as technical drawings and energy accounts. Also, the interns were exposed to the examination of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM), a kind of project or technology applied to reduce energy consumption in a building. ECMs were conducted at several buildings, such as the NYC Department of Education building in Queens.

The energy auditing techniques that the interns and the NYPA engineers used were considered “Level II” auditing techniques, meaning that it was above even the entry level energy pro auditing level.

New CleanTech Curriculum Launches with Professional Development Training for 50 Teachers

gdl_cleantech_logo1CleanTech Energy is an innovative, multidisciplinary high-school level curriculum that was designed to increase student knowledge, awareness and understanding of the rapidly evolving field of energy. Beginning with the fundamentals of energy and energy sources, the curriculum follows the arc of energy production, distribution and usage, investigating the environmental, social and economic impacts of each.

CleanTech’s unique holistic approach incorporates science, engineering and economic models to examine energy issues such as global trends and consequences of our energy systems and climate change, while local energy use is explored through the lens of building science. Using the school building as a learning laboratory, students will have the opportunity to assess the building with an eye towards increasing efficiency and reducing negative impacts on human health, the environment and climate. Finally, CleanTech introduces the science, emerging technologies and policy of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and biomass. Complete with a wealth of hands-on activities and student-led investigations, each CleanTech Module contains concepts that support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills with an emphasis on problem-solving, design, innovation and pathways for career exploration.

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I have a Dream, a Green Dream

One of Solar One Educator Jauna Johnson’s students at High School for Energy and Technology in the Bronx wrote this in honor of MLK day for their school sustainability bulletin board. What a strong student. We can’t wait to see what she and all of our students do next!

I have a dream that one day our environment will be clean; no more pollution, diseases, and problems that are big issues today due to our environment.

I have a dream that one day “the people” willwalk or take public transportation to get to their destination instead of driving a car.

I have a dream that one day “the people” will learn how to unplug appliances when they are not in use.

I have a dream that one day “the people” will reduce, reuse, and recycle! Let’s come together and make this dream come true.


-Yolanda Baez

S1’s Green Design Lab™ Receives NYS DEC’s Environmental Excellence Award


DEC_EE2012This week, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) recognized Solar One’s Green Design Lab™ in-school education program with their prestigious 2012 Environmental Excellence Award, along with six other organizations creating innovative programs to sustain natural resources and strengthen the economy.

DEC Commissioner Joe Martens announced the awards on Wednesday December 5. Here is his statement from the DEC press release:

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Help Stuyvesant Cove Park and Solar One Rebuild

sandywindmapSandy destroyed park tools. It destroyed educational supplies and program equipment. Flower beds are gone and topsoil is now mud. Trees are down and debris from the surge is strewn around the park. Solar1 flooded two feet above the floor. It is the most destructive event to have ever come to the park.

But Stuyvesant Cove Park will be rebuilt so that it can continue to be a beautiful public space. And Solar One will recover to continue to be a beacon of education toward a new energy future. If you would like to help:

  • Donate money securely online to Solar One. All funds will be used to help rebuild our park and educational supplies. (Unfortunately, we cannot accept in-kind donations. We can’t put them anywhere.)
  • Volunteer this weekend in a community clean-up effort to join with your neighbors to help remove debris from Stuy Cove Park. We will be cleaning on Friday 11/2 and Saturday 11/3 from 10am – 4pm each day. Please RSVP to dina@solar1.org to confirm.




For more pictures and updates visit our Facebook page.


Green Apple Day of Service Creates Excitement Around School Environments

2012-09-29_11-42-40_273Last Saturday, students, teachers, administrators and the DOE Director of Sustainability spent time at the new High School for Energy and Technology September 29 to participate in the first annual Green Apple Day of Service.

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