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Solar One Awarded $2 Million EDGE Contract


newNYSERDAlogoSolar One was awarded a $2 million contract by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to serve as its Downstate New York (New York City, Westchester and Long Island) representative for a new NYSERDA program called Economic Development Growth Extension (EDGE).

Acronyms aside, this is an extraordinary opportunity for Solar One to do the work it does best – promote energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental stewardship through education and outreach.

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Chris Neidl Returns to S1 on Sept 17 for Presentation on Arc Finance and Milaap.org

arcfinanceIncreasing Renewable Energy Access and Affordability for India’s Rural Poor: Inside the Arc Finance-Milaap.org Partnership

In this presentation Arc Finance India Program Manager (and former Solar One Outreach and Education Coordinator) Chris Neidl will discuss India’s rural electrification challenge and how off-grid alternative energy applications – such as solar photovoltaics – are being deployed in increasing numbers to meet the needs of remote, low-income populations.

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UPDATE! Divvy Solar Kick-Off Event Rescheduled for Tuesday September 10 at 6pm

kickoffeventbigUPDATE: This event has been rescheduled for Tuesday September 10 at 6pm at Solar One. If you already RSVP’d, you’re good to go. If you haven’t, you can RSVP here.

Come check out solar crowdfunding right in your own back yard!

Divvy (www.divvysolar.com) enables the development of community clean energy projects through crowdfunding to provide sustainable social, environmental, and financial impacts. Community organizations—schools, religious institutions, local businesses, etc.—use the online platform to reach their local members as well as to connect with the global renewable energy community.

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Solar One Tours Prism Solar

prism_solar_holopanel1On Thursday February 21, Solar One took a day trip up the Hudson, stopping in Cold Spring for a meeting with ecoartspace and Habitats for Artists (more on that soon! Super cool top secret project in special undisclosed location!) on our way to meet the Eco-Pioneer in Poughkeepsie and a tour of the factory of Prism Solar.

Prism’s panels, which have just started to be commercially available, are unusually efficient due to their double-glass construction, which allows light to penetrate the panels, and the cells to collect additional light reflected from the panel’s underside.

Some panels also alternate strips of holographic film with the more conventional silicon wafers. While the holographs can’t collect electricity directly from sunlight, what they can do is be custom engineered to conduct the next most optimal wavelength of light to the panel, beyond the usual 42 degrees. This can increase the panel’s efficiency (the amount of electricity that a panel is capable of capturing) by up to 30%!

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New CleanTech Curriculum Launches with Professional Development Training for 50 Teachers

gdl_cleantech_logo1CleanTech Energy is an innovative, multidisciplinary high-school level curriculum that was designed to increase student knowledge, awareness and understanding of the rapidly evolving field of energy. Beginning with the fundamentals of energy and energy sources, the curriculum follows the arc of energy production, distribution and usage, investigating the environmental, social and economic impacts of each.

CleanTech’s unique holistic approach incorporates science, engineering and economic models to examine energy issues such as global trends and consequences of our energy systems and climate change, while local energy use is explored through the lens of building science. Using the school building as a learning laboratory, students will have the opportunity to assess the building with an eye towards increasing efficiency and reducing negative impacts on human health, the environment and climate. Finally, CleanTech introduces the science, emerging technologies and policy of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and biomass. Complete with a wealth of hands-on activities and student-led investigations, each CleanTech Module contains concepts that support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills with an emphasis on problem-solving, design, innovation and pathways for career exploration.

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Solar Sandy Project Updates from This Weekend!


MAx_generatorAs of this morning, two 10kw solar generators have made their way from Consolidated Solar in PA to Sandy-affected neighborhoods in NYC: one is operating on Staten Island at Father Capodanno Blvd. and Slater Blvd., and one at Beach 91st St in Rockaway Beach. Three more are on the way and we’re starting to get offers from other solar pros around the country.

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