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Solar One Family Day: Pollinators & Food on Saturday June 23

S1FD_PF2012_p_quaCome to Solar One on Saturday June 23 for a day of learning about pollinators and the work they do to help create some of our favorite foodstuffs; making handmade ice cream; sprouting native salads; creating watercolor paintings, masks and costumes; and much, much more!

Suitable for kids and families of all ages. RSVP to daisy[at]solar1[dot]org.

At Solar One in Stuyvesant Cove Park
Saturday June 23 from 10am to 2pm


Bronx School Takes the Crown in our GDL Energy Challenge

2012-06-06-01.32.56Out of the twenty-two schools that participated in this year’s Green Design Lab Energy Challenge, P.S./M.S. 194 in The Bronx rose to the top, cutting its energy use by 21%, and winning the $12,000 prize for first place. The runners up, PS 84-Steinway, in Astoria, and the Academy for Environmental Leadership, Bushwick Campus, in Bushwick, reduced energy use by 17 and 14 percent, respectively, to win $9,000 each.

The Green Design Lab is program by Solar One that teaches students about energy and electricity. The Energy Challenge is the culmination of a year’s worth of learning, where the schools square off to see who can cut their electricity bills by the most. The average savings of all the schools combined was over 8%, saving the school system $75,000.

Read the full press release.



The Energy Saving Power of Supers and Tenants

gb_blogWhile solar panels and green roofs get a lot of the spotlight when it comes to greening buildings, the most cost-effective measures have always looked to improve efficiency first and foremost. Habitat Mag covered this topic today in an article on the importance of supers in the success of any greening measures a building may undertake. The major effort in this regard has been the 1,000 Green Supers training offered by the 32BJ Training Fund that has already “certified more than 1,500 union members in green operations and maintenance”. That’s great news for the urban environment of New York City as more green supers means energy savings and cleaner environments both inside and outside our buildings.

Read more +


Bicycle Blenders, Solar-powered Eco-Sheds, Veggies in Jamaica. Help Our IOBY Campaigns!

PS33-IOBY_blogSeveral schools in Solar One’s Green Design Lab K-12 sustainability education program launched IOBY campaigns. IOBY- In Our Back Yard – is a crowdsourcing site for environmental projects. Can you help these schoolwide sustainability projects get off the ground? The Green Design Lab IOBY projects include:

  • Pedal-powered bicycle blenders at PS 33 in Manhattan
  • A vegetable and flower garden at Queens Collegiate
  • Replacing lighbulbs with energy-efficient LEDs in Staten Island
  • Starting a community garden at MS 88 in Brooklyn
  • Installing a solar-power system on an eco-shed at the Bushwick Campus Farm

First DANCE PARTY of the season – May 4


DYVPforwebCome to first outdoor dance party of the season! Solar One is host to the Dance Your Values Party, which is part of Shop Your Values Week. Dance Your Values is the only FREE, outdoor, solar-powered dance party where you can make a pledge to live your values AND have a beer AND dance by the East River!

Co-presented by Solar One and Fourth Arts Block

Discount beer graciously provided by Brooklyn Brewery

With DJ Anton Bass of Sea To Sun; live music by Stega.


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