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UPDATE- PERFORMERS ANNOUNCED! Fresh Ground Pepper Eco-Circus Coming to Solar One on August 11


Fresh Ground Pepper is a monthly performance/theater series based around a particular theme. The theme for August is Circus, and we’re really excited that the circus will be solar-powered and held at Solar 1.

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Wednesday’s Storm Dishes Double Serving of Trouble to Stuyvesant Cove Park


In addition to the damaged trees, Wednesday’s storm brought hail and torrential rains to Stuyvesant Cove Park. The storm water was enough to cause a combined sewer overflow event or CSO. For those of you who haven’t heard of this, CSO’s are NYC’s answer for extra storm water that can’t be treated fast enough by the sewage treatment plants. Instead of sewage and polluted storm water flooding back up out of our street basins and building drains it overflows polluting our rivers. Stinky!


Some T.R.E.E. T.L.C.

blog-011Wednesday’s storm brought down a branch and split a major limb from the trunk of one of our hackberry trees. This made for a Thursday full of tree care at Stuyvesant Cove Park.  While volunteers sawed the downed branch into manageable logs, Gardener Jordan Aponte and Intern Baba Fousseni secured the split limb until our poor hackberry can receive professional help.  Good Work Guys!


Solar One Family Day- Eco-Art!


Kids of all ages are invited to Stuyvesant Cove Park for Solar One’s Family Day! Make ecologically sustainable cardboard animal masks, estuary puppets, leaf people, watercolor paintings and much more! RSVP to dina[at]solar1[dot]org.


DIY Solar Powered USB Charger

Photo-Jul-13-15-53-23Today we built a simple do-it-yourself solar USB charger that fits in an Altoid tin.  This little guy will charge most mobile devices that charge via USB using 2 rechargeable AA batteries and flexible thin-film solar panels.  All the parts we used totaled less than $30 and can be as low as $10 if purchased in bulk, which includes:

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