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HSCTEA Students Receive Solar One Student Achievement Award

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Monday, June 16th a kick-off celebration was held at Q650 – The High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture, to commemorate the installation of vacancy sensors (HSCTEA). This year, through Solar One’s Cleantech program, HSCTEA students had the opportunity to explore building performance and energy efficiency through a series of classroom activities and building audits.

Two HSCTEA 11th grade Engineering students, Ashaki Gumbs and Scander Garcia, went a step further, taking the data from the building audits to write a report, which outlined how upgrades to school lighting could save energy and lower the school’s carbon footprint. Their report was submitted to the DOE Division of Facilities Sustainability Office.

As a result, DSF funded a $95,000 vacancy sensors installation project in all classrooms and offices. The project was funded using revenue generated through DOE’s Demand Response Program, an initiative to curtail electric consumption during peak electric demand when utility grids are threatened by brownouts and blackouts.


At Monday’s event DSF technical staff and contractors discussed the project with HSCTEA Principal, Lakeisha Gordon, and AP, Steven Wynn, and its impact on the school community. Solar One’s Sarah Pidgeon presented Gumbs and Garcia with the Solar One Student Achievement Award for outstanding work in energy efficiency and sustainability. These dedicated students look forward to participating in future sustainability efforts at HSCTEA and continuing their education in engineering.