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Workforce Adds Certification Testing

DSC_0041Once upon a time, after students had completed Solar One’s workforce training courses, we had to partner with a different organization to administer the Building Performance Institute exams so that our students could receive their certification. But no more!

Solar One’s entire green workforce staff now has both the technical certificates and proctoring certificates to be able to administer the BPI exams to our students without leaving the building. Exams have to be video-recorded for quality control, and strict requirements must be followed. The exam includes both a written test and a “field” exam, where students demonstrate their skills, and Solar One is equipped to administer both parts of the exam.

Also, our instructors have developed their own Multi Family Exam which was approved by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). Created by our instructors, this exam was made to measure what our students learned and learned to apply to their field. Stay updated for what our students can achieve with their expanded certifications!