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Solar 1 Shines in the Dark; Solar Sandy Project; Some Press

S1_building1_DEThe fact that the little Solar One building was one of the only spots on the east side with power from Wednesday October 31 through Monday November 5 speaks loudly to the need that has been at the heart of Solar One’s mission from the first: that solar power is an important element in a new visionary strategy to deal with the challenges that Sandy has made all too clear are looming in the near, rather than distant, future. We welcome the conversation that needs to happen to get a much bigger share of our electricity from the sun!

As part of starting that conversation, Solar One is partnering with Consolidated Solar and SolarCity on the Solar Sandy Project #SolarSandy.

And finally, Solar One got some real cool press from TheaterMania about how we’re rebuilding some of our damaged infrastructure at Solar 1. Read and enjoy!