Solar Sandy Project Updates from This Weekend!

As of this morning, two 10kw solar generators have made their way from Consolidated Solar in PA to Sandy-affected neighborhoods in NYC: one is operating on Staten Island at Father Capodanno Blvd. and Slater Blvd., and one at Beach 91st St in Rockaway Beach. Three more are on the way and we’re starting to get offers from other solar pros around the country.

Solar One’s Max Joel with 10kw solar generator.

But that’s  not all! Power Rockaways Resillience has put a solar array on the roof of the Rockaway Beach Surf Club, and Solar One’s little mobile solar charger from the I Heart PV campaigns of a few years back was revived by educator Alex Smith and brought out to Rockaway Taco on Saturday. Now both sites have power for communications, dehumidifying, charging power tools and powering medical equipment.

Solar array being installed on the roof of the Rockaway Beach Surf Club.


Setting up the little charger that could at Rockaway Taco.


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