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Solar One Hosts Packed Professional Development for Teachers

solar-one-educationThis week, Solar One Educators delivered professional development training sessions to 65 NYC teachers from schools across the 5 boroughs.

Elementary and Middle school teachers were trained in Green Design Lab curriculum and high school teachers were trained in Solar One’s advanced Clean Tech curriculum. The Solar One Education team modeled hands on activities from the curriculum with the teachers, and discussed the importance of urban environmental education for students in NYC.

In surveys conducted after the training, teachers were extremely enthusiastic about using activities from the curriculum in their classrooms. A middle school teacher commented “Children are interested in real-life connections. They are anxious to help and learn and dedicate their time to help with these tasks.”

An elementary school teacher commented that “Each activity was interactive and will allow the students a “visual” of a concept. With so many topics to cover it is wonderful to be refreshed and made aware again in the importance of sustainability. Great job!”

To learn more about Solar One curriculum training please visit www.thegreendesignlab.org