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New CleanTech Curriculum Launches with Professional Development Training for 50 Teachers

gdl_cleantech_logo1CleanTech Energy is an innovative, multidisciplinary high-school level curriculum that was designed to increase student knowledge, awareness and understanding of the rapidly evolving field of energy. Beginning with the fundamentals of energy and energy sources, the curriculum follows the arc of energy production, distribution and usage, investigating the environmental, social and economic impacts of each.

CleanTech’s unique holistic approach incorporates science, engineering and economic models to examine energy issues such as global trends and consequences of our energy systems and climate change, while local energy use is explored through the lens of building science. Using the school building as a learning laboratory, students will have the opportunity to assess the building with an eye towards increasing efficiency and reducing negative impacts on human health, the environment and climate. Finally, CleanTech introduces the science, emerging technologies and policy of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and biomass. Complete with a wealth of hands-on activities and student-led investigations, each CleanTech Module contains concepts that support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills with an emphasis on problem-solving, design, innovation and pathways for career exploration.

CleantechPD_20120128In coordination with the release of this exciting curriculum, on Monday January 28th, Solar One held the first ever CleanTech Professional Development training. Close to fifty High School teachers joined Solar One education staff at NYU’s Pless Hall to participate with hands-on activities and learn about all the exciting lessons the newly completed CleanTech Energy curriculum has to offer.

Read about what participants have to say about the experience.

“I will definitely be incorporating activities from CleanTech immediately with the Green Team. And I would like to modify them for the Earth Science Labs.” – 9-12th Earth Science Teacher at Samuel Gompers CTE High School

“These activities could fit very nicely into my meteorology and environmental studies course.” – 9-12th Geo-Science. Environmental Science, and Biology teacher, Stuyvesant High School

“These are great lessons, I am really looking forward to using the materials” – Biology teacher, Truman High School

“Solar One has many resources and is readily available and enthusiastic” – Science teacher, Bronx Theater

“The PD was really good, probably the most useful PD I have had in years” – Environmental Science & Urban Ecology teacher, Stuyvesant High School

“Well done and highly informative, Thank you!” – Living Environment, Truman HS

When asked, “Is there a single message that resonated most with you?”

“Remain solution minded when teaching students about climate change” -Chemistry teacher, Park East High School

Expect more news about CleanTECH in the coming months!