Solar 2 Construction Drawings Are Nearing Completion

After Superstorm Sandy, the City has had to make serious revisions to its plan for future storms, including updates to evacuation zones and new building codes for the waterfront. Those changes precipitated a new round of discussions and plans for the Solar 2 building to increase its resiliency and ability to survive a major storm surge like the one that occurred on October 29, 2012.
And now the new construction drawing are nearing 100% completion, putting us in the final phase of fundraising before we break ground.  In keeping with the new flood plan, the first floor has been raised 15’ to allow storm surges to pass underneath, and the new design follows Passive House guidelines, creating the most energy efficient building possible. Solar 2 will be New York State’s first fully-resilient, LEED Platinum, energy-positive, water reuse demonstration facility that will serve as a hub for Solar One’s web of programs as well as a renewably powered refuge center in the event of future disasters.
We hope the prospect of Solar 2 excites you as much as it does us. Gifts for Solar 2 before the end of the year will be subject to a 3-to-1 match from the LuEsther T. Mertz Charitable Trust, so every three dollars you contribute will be worth four dollars to us.For those who wish to leave a bigger mark on Solar 2, please consider joining the Solar Imprint Campaign, which will enable ALL New Yorkers to participate in the building of Solar 2. Each donation of $2,500 and above will be recognized by a name engraved into a wall mounted plaque in the main lobby of the building. The wall will be one of the premiere  focal points as visitors enter the building, and will display a representative handprint at the top – serving as a permanent symbol for those that contributed their own legacy and imprint on the building.  Each of you will have reduced your carbon footprint by increasing your solar imprint. To join the Solar Imprint Campaign and to find out about other sponsorship and naming opportunities, please visit the Sponsorships and Giving Opportunities page.

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