When Solar 2 Is Built


When built, Solar 2 will house Solar One’s fast-growing K-12 education, green workforce, outreach and arts programs – all low- or no-cost for the public. Inside, Solar 2 will feature offices, classroom, meeting rooms and an exhibit hall with permanent and changing displays on local, regional and global environmental topics and sustainable design. Solar 2’s solar photovoltaic roof will be visible from the FDR Drive, demonstrating our city’s formidable solar potential and serving as a highly visible reminder that we can power our buildings – and our whole city – from renewable sources.

Solar 2 will also showcase dozens of cutting-edge clean technology systems and features and will include a visible mechanicals room for students, professionals, academics, engineers, and other visitors to learn more about clean heating, power, and water systems.


  • Will be the first fully resilient LEED-Platinum, energy-positive, clean energy demonstration facility in any major American city.
  • Located along the waterfront, will be a model of resiliency for hurricanes, storm surges, and other potential emergency conditions.
  • Will feature the most advanced sustainable building engineering and design components:
    • Energy generation: 70kW array alongside the FDR Drive, visible to tens of thousands of New Yorkers every day. It will generate off the grid solar electricity allowing the building to serve as a community disaster relief center in the event of future storms.
    • Energy efficiency features: passivhaus design, advanced building management systems; high efficiency HVAC, geo-thermal, and dozens of other technologies.
    • Resiliency features: Due to its location in a V-Zone, building will be elevated 15 feet, elevated mechanicals, steel structure and foundation  that are hurricane, tornado, and seismic resistant.
    • Water features: recycled gray water system; reconstructed native wetland area.