Solar 2 is an award-winning planned new construction designed by Solar One along with a team of architects and engineers. When constructed, Solar 2 will be a living demonstration of sustainable building technologies that will move our society beyond its dependence on fossil fuel and make New York City a shining example of urban sustainability.

Solar.2_renderingThe first building of its kind in any major American City, Solar 2 will be the first resilient net-zero energy building in the country.     

Planned to be 13,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, Solar 2 will be the new home of Solar One’s extensive sustainability education, green workforce, community outreach, and green arts programs.

Solar 2 is also an example of community investment and involvement and is the ultimate realization of a lengthy battle by area residents to preserve open space on the East River. Solar 2 will be located in Stuyvesant Cove Park, which was founded after a fight to maintain open public space and waterfront access against a development company planning to build condos extending onto a dock in the East River.

New York City is notorious for bloody real estate battles and the community battle that led to the Park’s creation will be fully won when Solar 2 is open for business. Creating Stuyvesant Cove Park by turning abandoned industrial space into an architect-designed park landscaped with native flora and fauna and maintained organically is already an inspiration to many New Yorkers. Solar 2’s impressive technology and net-zero carbon and water footprint will further inspire people of all ages with the vision, knowledge and resources to contribute to a more sustainable New York City.