Sandy Knocked Us Down. You Picked Us Up.

Volunteers pitch in to help clean up Stuyvesant Cove Park. Photo by Darin Quan.

When Solar One sent out our call for volunteers to give us a hand after the hurricane, we thought we’d be lucky to get 20-30 per day. If fact, we had over 600 requests and over 200 volunteers come to help out between October 30 and November 3. In the very first days after Sandy struck, some of you came by foot- even all the way from Astoria, Queens. You came with friends, with kids, and some even came with cash to help us replace equipment and rebuild what we’d lost. High school and college students, neighbors from the blacked-out buildings all around us, people who regularly use and enjoy the park: you all came, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support. That so many showed so much feeling for our little organization and our little park makes all the work ahead so much easier!


Happy and working. Photo by Darin Quan.

These volunteers are small but their impact is huge. Photo by Sara Jayanthi.

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