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S1’s Green Design Lab™ Receives NYS DEC’s Environmental Excellence Award


DEC_EE2012This week, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) recognized Solar One’s Green Design Lab™ in-school education program with their prestigious 2012 Environmental Excellence Award, along with six other organizations creating innovative programs to sustain natural resources and strengthen the economy.

DEC Commissioner Joe Martens announced the awards on Wednesday December 5. Here is his statement from the DEC press release:

“As the Cuomo Administration strives to build a new New York, these awardees today are doing just that by making a positive impact on our economy and improving and protecting our state’s environment,” DEC Commissioner Martens said. “Environmental stewardship requires all stakeholders to work in concert: businesses, not-for-profits, schools, municipalities, government and residents. That’s why the Environmental Excellence Awards are so important. Through them, DEC is able to showcase those who are leading by example.”

Along with Solar One, the awardees included private firms that practice outstanding corporate sustainability; schools that empower future environmental leaders; businesses pioneering green technologies; and municipalities investing in green infrastructure.

Congratulations to the Education team! You can read the entire DEC press release here, and you can learn more about the Green Design Lab™ program here.