James King, Training Site Manager

Coming out of the IT industry, James graduated from DeVry University in 2007 with a degree in Network Communications. For three years he worked in computer network administration in both New York and Seattle. Besides IT, James had extensive experience working in education. During high school, he volunteered at Big Brothers and Big Sisters of New York as a math tutor. In college, James held tutoring sessions for math and physics, and taught ABE math at two of Seattle’s correctional facilities. Back in New York, James volunteered at Strive for tutoring sessions in GED-Math prior to working for Solar One. Teaching is something that James has always enjoyed doing. The ability to share his love and appreciation of math and technical subjects is a major focal point and passion in his work. At Solar One, James manages the Green Workforce Training Lab in Long Island City, and assists in the instruction of several courses. He helps develop lessons, curricula, activities, and presentations that aim to be enjoyable as well as educational – and has the utmost fun doing it!