Whole Buildings* is an education and training program that works with an entire building community to save energy and promote sustainable living. Created to synchronize energy-efficient weatherization improvements with efforts to reduce energy use and conserve water in multi-family buildings, the Whole Buildings program sends experts in energy efficiency and building operations for on-site walkthroughs and workshops. Whole Buildings helps everyone benefit through reducing energy and water use, saving money, recycling, making the home healthier, and protecting the environment.

Solar One works with building operators, residents, and owners to identify measures to improve building performance, answer technical questions about building efficiency, reduce heating and electrical costs, and address common energy efficiency and sustainability measures. Whole Buildings fosters environmental literacy by reviewing relevant local laws, efficiency incentives, and the science behind building efficiency.

After Whole Buildings workshops, many participants are motivated to take action on what they have learned by forming building-wide “green committees.” Whole Buildings staff provides technical assistance for several months to Green Committees to help administer energy-saving projects. These initiatives include awareness campaigns for energy/water conservation and recycling, building-wide energy reduction challenges, joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program or starting a community garden, painting white roofs, and family-oriented environmental fairs with interactive, educational events.

Whole Buildings tailors workshops and education to the needs of residents, building superintendants, property managers, and building owners.



*Formerly called STEP (the Solar One Tenant Education Program).