Solar One offers innovative short-term programming to K-12 students throughout all five boroughs of New York City. Enrichment workshop topics are Renewable Energy, Sustainable Design and Estuary & Park Ecology; these typically run 1-1.5 hours per session. Workshops in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Design are three sessions long and take place at your school. The Estuary & Park Ecology workshop are two sessions — one at your school and one as a field trip to Solar 1 in Stuyvesant Cove Park.*

During workshops, Solar One instructors deliver engaging hands-on activities like mini solar racer design, 3-D model building, and water quality testing. During the Estuary & Park Ecology workshop, the field trip to Solar 1 includes hands-on explorations of New York City’s natural environment, including an Oyster Garden in Stuyvesant Cove, flora and fauna in the Park, and the symbiosis between plants, animals, and the East River estuary system.

Cost and Sign-Up: Solar One is a vendor for the NYC Department of Education. Please fill out our brief Pre-Visit Form to begin the process and obtain information on costs.


1. Renewable Energy: The Renewable Energy course teaches students about the science of electricity while emphasizing the ecological consequences of conventional energy production and consumption. Through hands-on design lab activities, students learn about renewable power, including solar and wind. This course encourages students to formulate an appreciation of science and engineering and to encourage their further exploration of these disciplines with respect to environmental issues. (3 sessions)

2. Sustainable Design: Using the Solar 1 facility as a starting point, the Sustainable Design course familiarizes students with concepts related to architecture, community planning, and product design. In addition to conveying information about green building components and LEED certification, our Educators lead neighborhood walks, introduce students to environmental and community mapping practices, and build 3-D models. Students will explore the environmental consequences and benefits of design on all scales and how it affects the environment and our health. This program encourages students to address real-world issues through innovative design solutions. (3 sessions)

3. Estuary & Park Ecology: The Estuary and Park Ecology course provide opportunities for urban students to explore natural areas in and around Stuyvesant Cove Park and the East River tidal strait. It encourages students to experience the Park and estuary as fascinating and complex living ecosystems. Students will learn about the science and history of Stuyvesant Cove Park and the East River while participating in water quality testing and analysis, native plant studies, wildlife observations, and oyster gardening. The hands-on program helps students to better understand and connect with our local ecosystems and to encourage their stewardship of our natural resources. (1 and 2 session workshops)

Please note that estuary ecology workshops are only available in the spring and early fall because the field trip is outdoors. Thanks!



Classes take place Monday- Friday from 10am – 5pm.


To schedule a class fill out the brief Pre-Visit Form.


education [at] solar1 [dot] org
(212) 505-6050


*The Solar 1 education center is a classroom sized solar-powered facility alongside the East River. For Solar One field trips, we can only accommodate one class per day.