NYSERDA Multifamily and Photovoltaic Incentives

Looking to reduce your building’s energy use, and need resources to help?  Join Energy $mart Communities Coordinator, Diana Pangestu, for a seminar on two of NYSERDA’s more popular incentive programs – the Multifamily Performance Program, and Photovoltaics Incentives.  Find out the in’s and outs of each program, how much incentives are available, and how you can start saving money today.  Get energy efficiency tips for your building and find out what government tax credits and incentives you may be eligible for.  For more information, contact diana@solar1.org or 212-785-0734.  Location:  Solar One Building – 2420 FDR Drive, Service Road East.

Solar One is the contract implementer of the NYSERDA Downstate South Energy $mart Communities Program.  For more information on NYSERDA programs, contact your local E$C Cordinator, or visit the websites:  

www.getenergysmart.org      www.nyserda.org     www.powernaturally.org

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