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Holi Is the Greatest Way Ever to Celebrate Spring

holi_backOn Friday March 29, Solar One celebrated the Hindu festival of colors that marks the beginning of spring, known as Holi. The word “Holi” is derived from Holika, a Hindu demoness (you can read her story by clicking on the link).

In India, Holi is celebrated by large groups of people gathering in white clothes and throwing colored powders at each other. For Solar One’s Holi, we made our own non-toxic powder out of rice flour, water and food coloring. Thanks to the staff’s enthusiasm, we were able to mix, dry and grind about 30 pounds of Holi powder by Friday afternoon.


But we hadn’t anticipated how much people would want to play! After about an hour we ran out of powder, so we started making paste. When we ran out of paste, we made liquid. When the people continued to ask for more colors, we went back to the store, bought more rice flour and made more paste.


As you can see, it was a very diverse crowd of adults, teens and little kids, and amazingly, everyone had an enormous amount of fun. While we weren’t able to produce huge clouds of gorgeous colored smoke the way they do in India, we were able to be outside dancing and running around on the first lovely spring day. Some people even saw what we were doing, went across the street to change clothes and then came back and joined in. And I’ve even heard the colors can be washed out of your clothes again…

So if you weren’t able to come this time, do come next year. And a very happy Holi!

All photos (so far) by Sarah Pidgeon! See more on Facebook