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Green Design Lab

Solar One’s K-12 Education Program – Green Design Lab™ – promotes experiential learning opportunities through science, technology and design. Solar One’s programs increase environmental knowledge about Energy, Water, Materials Science and Food, while fostering sustainable behaviors and stewardship. Using the school and urban environment as a learning laboratory, Solar One’s K-12 programs introduce students to hands-on real world experience, support the development of creative thinking and problem solving skills, and turn students into advocates for sustainability projects in their schools.

alexDuring Green Design Lab™ programs, Solar One educators work with school staff and student to deliver its curriculum, support school-wide sustainability projects, provide professional development, and engage with the entire school community to reduce energy use through schoolwide energy challenges.

Working with over 300 schools, and more than 7,000 students and a thousand teachers in NYC and beyond, Green Design Lab™ participants:

  • Design and Innovate, applying STEM skills to solve environmental challenges
  • Use the school building as a learning laboratory to take action to reduce energy use and
  • Learn about emerging technologies: from solar and smart grid to biomimicry and bioswales

boilerCleanTech, Solar One’s high school curriculum, generously funded by the National Science Foundation, engages students in hands-on explorations of emerging clean technologies and sustainability-related policy and economic issues at the local, national and global level. CleanTech is designed to inspire the next generation of green engineers, scientists, architects, building system managers, energy auditors, economists and entrepreneurs.

Through the Green Design Lab Network teachers from near and far are provided with curriculum and re­sources to greening their schools. Membership in the Green Design Lab Network pro­vides access to curriculum, technical support, discounted toolkits, tutorials for hands on activities, and more.

To learn about our offerings, including workshops for students, professional development for teachers, our Sustainable Schools Network, and much, much more, visit: www.thegreendesignlab.org


100% of teachers surveyed said they would recommend the program to other schools.

“The electricity project making light was the most exciting. This made me consider studying engineering.”
–Juan, 11th Grade

“I would like to continue learning about these topics after high school, maybe take an environmental science class or join a club. I had a great time learning (wow, I think that’s the first time I ever said that =)”
–Nicole, 12th Grade

“Making batteries, testing building materials, making the thermal water heater– all of the activities were great. This was, by far, the best PD I’ve ever attended. This had activities that are so relevant and applicable, and also things kids will enjoy doing. I will integrate some of these into my classes next year.”
–NYC School Teacher, Attended Solar One PD Workshop