Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Solar One connects New York City residents, businesses, and community based organizations to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and cleantech resources through education and outreach programs.


Solar One serves as the outreach and education contractor for New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)’s EDGE (Economic Development Growth Extension) program in Downstate NY. With our subcontractors, Pratt Center for Community Development, Courtney Strong Inc. and the Community Development Corporation of Long Island, we help business in New York City, Westchester and Long Island save money on energy efficiency and renewable upgrades.

GYRSOBRO1Acronyms aside, this is an extraordinary opportunity for Solar One to do the work it does best – promote energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental stewardship through education and outreach. We connect businesses, residents, and property owners with NYSERDA programs, grants and incentives that will help them become more sustainable, strengthen their operations, save energy and money, and promote economic development.

NYSERDA EDGE also helps entrepreneurs who are creating innovative products or services that are both good for the economy and the environment. Cleantech start-ups in NYC are forming and rapidly expanding due in large part to support from NYSERDA. With NYSERDA EDGE, we build on that success, and make sure new cleantech and cleanweb companies are tapping into NYSERDA resources.

Are you looking to save money on utility bills by upgrading your lighting, heating, cooling, or refrigeration to be more energy-efficient?

NYSERDA provides free energy assessments and offers incentives and low-interest financing to businesses, residences and property owners to upgrade lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, and other energy uses. An energy assessment is the first step in identifying the upgrades that can improve energy efficiency and save you money. Incentives and low-interest financing options may be available to help you with making those upgrades.

If you want to plug into the NYSERDA EDGE program, and learn more about how it might help your business or apartment building, please contact the NYSERDA EDGE Program representative in your borough:

  • Bronx: Daphany Sanchez (212-505-6050)
  • Brooklyn: Simon Mugo (718-637-8644)
  • Queens: Samuel Man (212-505-6050)
  • Manhattan: Michael Simmons (212-505-6050)
  • Staten Island: Samuel Man (212-505-6050)

The representatives can discuss NYSERDA program opportunities with you, and assist you in completing an application for an energy assessment. ROCs can also help you understand your available incentive and financing options and can help identify contractors that can perform upgrades identified in your energy assessment.

Visit for information on NYSERDA’s programs.

Whole Buildings

Whole Buildings, an education and training program, works with your entire building community to save energy and promote sustainable living. Everyone – residents, superintendents, building owners and property managers – benefits because saving energy means saving money and protecting the environment. The program also provides training in water conservation, recycling, and maintaining a healthy living space. We work with both Affordable and Market Rate housing with a focus on three audiences: residents, building staff, and building owners and managers.

  • We provide lively and entertaining workshops that educate residents on ways they can increase the energy efficiency of their apartments, while saving money on their utility bills, contributing to improved health and safety of their families, and protecting the environment.
  • We provide on-site green building operations guidance for building staff. Solar One experts in energy efficiency and building operations conduct walk-throughs, identify measures to improve building performance, and answer technical questions. We also provide green building operations and maintenance training and certification (see Green Workforce Program).
  • We work with building owners, property managers, and coop/condo board members to respond to a rapidly changing technology and regulatory landscape.

Active building-wide engagement is critical to any sustainability initiative; behavioral change alone can impact energy use by 10%.