East River Blueway Plan Sticks Stuy Cove and Solar 2 right in the middle



The East River has never been known as an oasis of nature. Seinfeld famously ridiculed Kramer, who thought it would be a good idea to swim in the East River. But an intrepid group of politicians and groups are trying to take a big step forward by re-imagining the shorelines along downtown Manhattan.


Prominently featured in the new Blueway Plan is Solar 2, the Stuyvesant Cove Boat Launch, and even our very own Max Joel.


We recommend to download the full plan (don’t worry there are lots of pictures) and browse through some of the proposed developments. Stuyvesant Cove Park gets a full section, and there are some interesting tid-bits about the waterfront and history. This is your river, too!



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