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Cranksgiving 2013 Is This Saturday


Calling all bike enthusiasts! This Saturday, Cranksgiving returns to Solar One, and if you’ve never participated in this fun event that’s also a successful food drive, this year would certainly be an excellent time to start. The weather on Saturday looks good, and we expect at least 300 bikers- some in season-appropriate costumes like the gentleman in the picture above- to arrive at Solar One between 12:30 and 2pm to register, pick up the manifests with the items and stores they need to hit and plan their roots. Each rider should bring a lock, helmet and bag, and about $20 for groceries (although if you buy more stuff, you could win the “Most Generous” prize. Just sayin’.) At 2pm, they’ll be off! And of course there will be after parties…Please check the Cranksgiving website or Facebook page for the most complete, up-to-date information.

You can also read this great interview with Cranksgiving organizer Ken Stanek, courtesy of Transportation Alternatives and BikeNYC, by clicking here.

WE Bike NYC and “How to Look/Be Cool on Your Bike” at Solar One this Sunday

WEBikeNYC**This WE Bike NYC event is open to women, female-identifying and gender nonconforming people**

Interested in learning how to use your pedals as a kickstand? Want to figure out how to arrive not so sweaty? Or even what accessories will make your bike ride more comfortable? This workshop will start by talking about laws and rules for riding in the city and then move onto some important tips and tricks to do it in style. Finally, bring your bike and WE’ll spend some time practicing locking up, dismounts and riding off in style!

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S1 Staff Visits Famous Solar-Powered Airplane: You Can Too!

group-3There was much more to celebrate this weekend than our country’s independence! How about the historic first across-America trip flown by a solar-powered airplane?

This Saturday, July 5th, Solar Impulse successfully completed its cross-country journey when it landed right here in NY, at our very own JFK Airport. This daring adventure began two months ago when the plane took off from San Francisco, California on May 3rd! This five-leg trip was quite extensive, lasting over 100 hours, covering 3511 miles. Since the plane stopped at various cities throughout the U.S., the Solar Impulse crew had the opportunity to organize public viewings.

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First Free Kayaking Day at Stuy Cove Was a Big Success


On Saturday June 22, visitors to Stuyvesant Cove Park had a chance to get up close and personal with the neighboring East River. Thanks to a diverse coalition of waterfront access groups, New Yorkers could do more than look out over the waves on a beautiful summer day – they could actually kayak through them!

Over the course of the afternoon, more than 200 park goers piled into the sunny yellow boats on the beach (or outcropping, as some refer to it) just north of the 20th Street entrance to the Park. Seasoned volunteers were present to offer instruction and guidance, but many kayakers found they needed little more help than the first nudge into the water. Some paddled adventurously while others simply coasted with the flow of the tide, but everyone – young and old – enjoyed the unique experience.

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Happy National Bike to Work Day!

voltaicbikechargerThe Solar One staff has always included a lot of avid bikers and Transportation Alternatives, the city’s bike advocacy org, is a Solar One BFF of long standing. Back in 2009, we even tried to make our own stationary bike blenders and have hosted events that included bike-powered sound systems and other bike exotica. But in honor of today’s National Bike to Work Day, our dear friends at Voltaic Systems have created the awesome solar charger in the picture above, mounted on a bike trailer. This charger can handle 180 watt-hours of charging capacity, that’s a lot of cell phones!

Check out the rest of the article (and see some more great pictures) on their blog HERE. And don’t forget to wear a helmet on your bike commute!

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