Solar One In the News: NYSERDA EDGE Edition

What do you do with a 350+ unit, 52 year old condominium on one of the most valuable corners in Manhattan, when you realize it needs a top-to-bottom modernization and energy efficiency upgrade?
You call the NYSERDA EDGE Team! In this great piece by Amy Zimmer for, you can learn how Carnegie House got help from NYSERDA to pay for their upgrades, which helped cut energy bills by 15%, enabling the building to pay for their upgrades in only six years.
While there are a host of incentive programs out there for all kinds of buildings and businesses, applying for one kind of incentive can make a building ineligible for others. That’s why it’s important to talk to a specialist, like Solar One’s own Matthew Rolnick, quoted in the article. Matthew is one of the Regional Outreach Contractors (ROCs) who help guide building owners through the NYSERDA programs and figure out which incentives are the best fit for their individual situation. Depending on where you live in the “downstate” region (New York City, Westchester and Long Island), there’s a ROC available to help you make your building more efficient and reduce your operating costs.

Public Kayaking Returns to Solar One on Sunday July 27

The second round of public kayaking events is happening in Stuyvesant Cove on Sunday July 27. This event is completely free, and you can sign up on Eventbrite for your 20 minute slot here.
You will need to be 18 or older, or else accompanied by a parent or guardian, know how to swim (although life jackets will be provided) and sign insurance waivers.
Boats and gear are being provided by the Long Island City Community Boathouse (LICCB), and the event is a joint project of LICCB, the New York City Water Trail Association, and UrbanSwim, in conjunction with the Lower East Side Ecology Center and the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club and with the support of Solar 1, and NYCEDC.
Kayaking is great exercise, sustainable transportation and a chance to get a brand new perspective on our city. See you next Sunday!

Summer Is a Great Time to Visit Stuyvesant Cove Park

One of the best parts of summer is the explosion of color and form that summer plants and flowers bring. Stuyvesant Cove Park is currently teeming with flowers and fruits, as well as birds, butterflies and bees taking full advantage of our beautiful native plant park.
Some of the species that are currently at peak bloom include scarlet beebalm (monarda didyma)black cohosh (actea racemosa)butterfly milkweed (asclepias tuberosa)swamp milkweed (asclepias incarnata)bottlebrush grass (elymus hystrix)sweet Joe-Pye weed (eutrochium purpureum)lovegrass (eragrostis spectabilis)purple coneflower (echinacea purpurea) and garden phlox (phlox paniculata).
There have also been plenty of wildlife sightings, including catbirds, cormorants, Mallards, and monarch and other butterflies- a lot more than last year!

Stuyvesant Cove Park Association Music Series Continues Through July

Every summer, the Stuyvesant Cove Park Association presents a month-long free outdoor music program at Solar One, with performers ranging from local singer-songwriters to Jazzmobile. This week’s concert, featuring David Webb-Hershey (pictured above) is being rescheduled due to the weather forecast, but the rest of the schedule is listed below:
July 21- Paul Sachs, Amy Allison and Dave Murphy
Singer-songwriters bring their individual styles for an evening of original music. Rain date July 22.
July 23- Rutkowski Trio & Family & Friends
The Rutkowskis return for their tenth? eleventh? year in a row with an extensive repertoire of traditional jazz favorites. With Lisa Gary: vocals, Daniel Rutkowski: trumpet, Ben Rutkowski: trombone, Joe Rutkowski: keyboard, Matt Trinkwald: bass and Jerry Neuhoff, drums. Rain date July 24.
July 28- Sean Mahoney and the Rubber Band
An evening of Broadway show tunes, ballads and swing. Rain date July 29.
To find out when you can see David Webb-Hershey, please check our calendar here or sign up to receive our weekly newsletter here. All concerts start at 6:30pm with the exception of the Rutkowski Trio at 7pm.

Germany Wins World Cup 2014

germanywins2014On Sunday, soccer fans gathered at Solar One to view the final game of the 2014 World Cup at an open air screening presented by East Village Bavarian restaurant Zum Schneider. This was the 6th game screened at Solar One, and the crowd was enormous, with well over a thousand people in attendance to cheer Die Mannschaft (the men’s team, in German) to glory.
There’s a beautiful gallery of photos on the Zum Schneider Facebook page (including the image above, all shot by the excellent Jonathan McPhail) and another great shot from yesterday’s NY Daily News here.

World Cup Final: Germany v Argentina This Sunday



Even though the US’s hopes were dashed early this month when they were eliminated from the World Cup, the games go on, and Germany will be playing Argentina for the final this Sunday. Our dear friends at local Bavarian restaurant Zum Schneider have gone all out to recreate the open air screenings that are popular in town squares all over Europe. Online tickets for Sunday’s game are sold out but if you come to Solar One early, you may be able to score a ticket at the door (tickets are $10 or you can buy 8 and get 2 free). Food and drink are extra, no outside food or beverages please. You can also expect live entertainment, with details at the Zum Schneider website


Happy 158th Birthday, Nikola Tesla!


When most Americans think of the early days of electricity, the first name that comes to mind is Thomas Edison. But the contributions of Nikola Tesla, the great Serbian-American inventor and scientist, who was younger than Edison and is not nearly as well-known, have done as much or more to shape the way we use electricity today. He developed and patented the AC induction motor and transformer and was an early proponent of wireless transmission technology, and a major player in the “war of currents” waged between Edison and George Westinghouse over which current, alternating or direct, would become the electric transmission standard. Using Tesla’s theories and patents, Westinghouse won, and we’re still using alternating current all over the US today.

The development of the electric grid and the battle between direct and alternating current marked the energy revolution of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today a new energy revolution is gaining momentum, and you can learn more about that at the Clean EC website here.

Come See Us at City of Water Day on Governor’s Island on Saturday


City of Water Day is an annual festival of free activities and events designed to get New Yorkers more comfortable and familiar with our extensive and beautiful waterfront. Presented by the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance and over 700 partners (including Solar One), the Festival will be held in waterfront locations throughout the area, with most happening at Governor’s Island and Maxwell Place Park in Hoboken, as well as Pier 42 where Lower East Side Ecology Center will be running a fishing clinic (catch-and-release only).

You can find more information about activities here. The Festival runs from 10am-4pm on Saturday July 12, and all activities are offered free of charge.

Thanks for a Great 10th Anniversary Party



Ten years ago Solar One started out with a fledgling Park, a handful of solar race cars and a lot of big plans. Today we have five program areas, a Park that’s survived two onslaughts by hurricane and more than two dozen staff busy educating New Yorkers about the steps they can take to achieve a more sustainable and resilient city and world.
We’re thrilled to have come this far, and if you weren’t able to join us, please check out these pictures and you’ll feel like you were there!







Thanks again to all our partners, supporters, funders and volunteers! We couldn’t do any of this without you!


HSCTEA Students Receive Solar One Student Achievement Award

On Monday, June 16th a kick-off celebration was held at Q650 – The High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture, to commemorate the installation of vacancy sensors (HSCTEA). This year, through Solar One’s Cleantech program, HSCTEA students had the opportunity to explore building performance and energy efficiency through a series of classroom activities and building audits.
Two HSCTEA 11th grade Engineering students, Ashaki Gumbs and Scander Garcia, went a step further, taking the data from the building audits to write a report, which outlined how upgrades to school lighting could save energy and lower the school’s carbon footprint. Their report was submitted to the DOE Division of Facilities Sustainability Office.
As a result, DSF funded a $95,000 vacancy sensors installation project in all classrooms and offices. The project was funded using revenue generated through DOE’s Demand Response Program, an initiative to curtail electric consumption during peak electric demand when utility grids are threatened by brownouts and blackouts.
At Monday’s event DSF technical staff and contractors discussed the project with HSCTEA Principal, Lakeisha Gordon, and AP, Steven Wynn, and its impact on the school community. Solar One’s Sarah Pidgeon presented Gumbs and Garcia with the Solar One Student Achievement Award for outstanding work in energy efficiency and sustainability. These dedicated students look forward to participating in future sustainability efforts at HSCTEA and continuing their education in engineering.